Links to Study Guides and Related Sites

Online Bibles

Bible Gateway - Read many translations of the Bible online here.

Blue Letter Bible - Read the Bible and get verse-by-verse supplementary information.

Hebrew-English Bible - A nice Bible with parallel Hebrew/English text.

Study Guides

The Seven Streams of Grace - Original curriculum with additional resources - most are free!

Complete Bible Genealogy - A comprehensive listing of all names in the Bible.

Kingdom of Judah - Contains a nice chart of the Kings of Judah.

Women of the Bible - Short biographies on important Biblical women.

Men of the Bible - Short biographies on over 1,000 men.

Hebrew for Christians - Learn about Jewish holidays and prayers as you learn Hebrew.

The Aleppo Codex - View the pages of this ancient Hebrew Bible.

Christian Living

American Family Association

Day To Pray

Bethesda Family Services Foundation

Family Research Council

Focus on the Family

Christian Thought

Ankerberg Theological Research Institute

Institute For Creation Research


C.S. Lewis Foundation

National Alliance Against Christian Discrimination

Open Doors Ministries

Ravi Zacharias


Chosen People Ministries

Friends of Israel

Church of the Lutheran Brethren In America

Mission Network News


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