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The current sermon series is Lessons from Torah.

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Returning to our Roots
Date Passage Title Audio File
November 10 Genesis 35 "Renewing our Acquaintance with God" Audio
November 3 Genesis 34 Violating te Gospel Audio
October 27 Genesis 32:1-33:10 "Jockeying with Jacob at the Jabbok" Audio
October 20 Genesis 29-31 The Unseen Actor Audio
October 13 Genesis 28 "Only One Stairway to Heaven" Audio
October 6 Genesis 27-33 What Goes Around . . . Audio
September 29 Genesis 26 "His Father's Son - For Better and Worse" Audio
September 22 Genesis 25:19-34 "What is your birthright worth?" Audio
September 15 Genesis 25:1-18 "A Man Like Us" Audio
September 8 Galatians 5:22-23 - Jim Bolich "Are We There Yet?" Audio
September 1 Genesis 24 Man on a Mission Audio
August 25 Genesis 23 "Lessons on Death - and Life" Audio
August 18 Genesis 22:1-19 "Save us from the test" Audio
August 11 Genesis 21:9-10 "Cast out the slave and be free" Audio
August 4 Genesis 21:1-14 Is Laughter Really The Best Medicine? Audio
July 28 Genesis 20 "Three Voices" (James 5:16) Audio
July 21 Genesis 19 Life and Death in Sodom Audio
July 14 Genesis 18:16-33 "Pray for one another" (James 5:16) Audio
July 7 Genesis 17:1-18:15 A New Name, A New Identity Audio
June 30 Genesis 16 The God Who Sees Audio
June 23 Genesis 15 Abram - A Lesson in Faith Audio
June 16 Genesis 15-17 Doing God's Work for Him? Audio
June 9 Genesis 14:17-24 A Tale of Two Kings Audio
June 2 Genesis 14:17-20 Who is this Guy? Audio
May 26 Genesis 14:1-16 I'm in the Lord's Army! Audio
May 19 Genesis 13 More than Meets the Eye Audio
May 12 Genesis 12:10-30 When in Egypt . . . Audio
May 5 Genesis 11:10-12:9 One Foot Still in the Grave? Audio
April 28 Genesis 11:1-9 What's Wrong with the Tower? Audio
April 21 Genesis 10 and Revelation 5 Lord of the Nations Audio
April 14 Genesis 8:20-21 The Curse of Grace Audio
April 7 Genesis 8-9 A Broken Image Audio
March 31 Genesis 7:6-24 Starting from Scratch Audio
March 24 Genesis 6:1-7:10 When the Impossible Comes Calling Audio
March 17 Genesis 6:9 Walking with God Audio
March 10 Genesis 6:1-13 Sons of God Audio
March 3 Genesis 5:32-9:29 The Days of Noah Audio
February 24 Genesis 4:25-5:32 What's in a Name? Audio
February 17 Genesis 4:1-25 Five Responses To Grace Audio
February 10 Genesis 3:6-24 History's first House Call Audio
February 3 Genesis 3:6-7 The Three Saddest Words in the Bible Audio
January 27 Genesis 3:1-6 Anatomy of a Temptation Audio
January 20 Winter Storm Harper No Service This Week
January 13 Genesis 2:4-26 A Personal Look at Creation Audio
January 6 Genesis 1:1-2:3 In the Synagogue With Jesus Audio
December 30 2 Timothy 3 . . . Meanwhile . . . Audio
December 23 Zephaniah 3:17 Why Me? Audio

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