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The current sermon series is Lights In A Dingy Place.
A Study of the writings of Jeremiah and Ezekiel

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Lights In A Dingy Place
Date Passage Title Audio File
September 17 Leviticus 23:26-32 Shadow and Substance Audio
September 10 Leviticus 23:23-25 Feast of Trumpets - God's Wake-Up Call Audio
September 3 Ezekiel 40-48 Why Be Holy? Audio
August 27 Ezekiel 35-39 God's Future Transforms Our Past and Present Audio
August 20 Ezekiel 33-34 Watching the Watchmen Audio
August 13 Ezekiel 25-32 The Importance of Giving Thanks Audio
August 6 Ezekiel 24 Turning Up The Heat Audio
July 30 Ezekiel 20-23 The Ugliness of Sin Audio
July 23 Ezekiel 12-19 Funeral Dirge or Praise Chorus? Audio
July 16 Ezekiel 8-11 True Worship Audio
July 9 Ezekiel 6-7 The Lord My Striker Audio
July 2 Ezekiel 3:16-5:17 What Has Jesus Done For You Lately Audio
June 25 Ezekiel 2:1-3:15 Called To Be A Prophet Audio
June 18 Ezekiel 1 The Weight of Glory Audio
June 11 Jeremiah 22-23 Heading into Exile Audio
June 4 Jeremiah 11-20 God Can Take It Audio
May 28 Jeremiah 7-10 Signs of Sickness Audio
May 21 Jeremiah 3:6-6:30 The Burden of Love Revealed Audio
May 7 Jeremiah 2:1-3:5 Sign Language Audio
April 30 Jeremiah 1 We Are The Prophet Audio
April 23 2 Peter 1:16-21 Some Ground Rules Audio
April 16 Ephesians 2:1-10 Only God Can Audio
April 16 Dawn 1 Corinthians 15:20-24 Firstfruits Audio
April 13 John 16:31-33 Alone . . . Not Audio

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