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April 5, 1995-2020 - HAPPY 25th ANNIVERSARY, NEW HOPE!!!!
CoViD 19 Update from the Pastor
New Hope continues to hold services on Sundays for those who desire to attend. Some have questioned if this is wise, or indeed legal, given the governor's 'stay-at-home' order. We do not take lightly either the governor's order or the safety of our community. Our reasons for continuing to offer worship are these:
1. As a religious institution, we are allowed to continue operations. Our faith is not an insignificant part of our lives, and we take seriously the call to worship him collectively and collectively to pray for our community. Corporate worship and prayer are indeed life-sustaining. Still, we would not do so if we were a larger congregation.
2. Due to the small size of our congregation, we have been able to maintain the 6 feet of separation recommended by the CDC and our state government. We realize that many believers do not have the option of worshiping in person due to the size of their congregations. Sometimes being a small church is a special blessing, offering special opportunities.
3. Since the CoViD outbreak began, we have limited contact by not greeting, handing out bulletins, or taking up the offering - nor does the pastor greet after worship. We also have installed a hand-sanitizer at the entry to the sanctuary.
4. Those who come do so because they are able, healthy, and at a lower risk. We are grateful to the few who continue to worship in the sanctuary; we are also grateful for those who do stay at home, and we fully support their decision to do so. Those who do attend are NOT more faithful, or better Christians, by meeting at the church building. On the contrary, the Apostle Paul himself noted that, when churches met for worship, though not physically present with them, he was nevertheless present in spirit. Those who do gather are mindful of those not with us, and regard them as present with us. To avoid copyright infringement, we do not make our entire services available on-line, but the sermons are posted every Sunday afternoon and are available on the "Messages" page of our website.
5. I continue to pray personally for each of our members, whether present in body and spirit or in spirit only, without partiality. I and our congregation pray for our community, our state, our nation and the world as together we weather this storm. Our prayers are especially intense for those who have the virus, as well as for those most at risk - our elderly, those with other health concerns, and those who continue to offer their services to our communities, especially those in the healthcare field.
We have all gone to great lengths to protect ourselves and our community from the unseen threat represented by this new virus. Other things which are unseen are just as real. Lab tests make more 'visible' the unseen enemies inside and around us that affect our physical well-being. God's Word makes visible the threats to our spiritual well-being. We are all rightly concerned that we do not catch - or spread - any diseases, especially CoViD 19. Let us be just as concerned that we free ourselves of the contamination of sin in all its forms. As Jesus says in Luke 19:43, "What will it profit you to gain the whole world (including your health) and yet lose or forfeit your soul?"
We can’t visit many of our loved ones due to quarantine restrictions, but we can still call. Please stay in contact, especially with the elderly and sick, for whom human contact – so important in times of distress – is limited.
Resurrection Day, April 12, 9 am - Communion with special precautions will be offered

Future Social Events

All extra events at church are canceled for the time being.

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