This Week's Notes

Notes on The Seven Streams Of Grace (with help from The Seven Streams of Grace - Original curriculum with additional resources - most are free!)
Week 32 - Glory. Hellelujah. Amen.
In the beginning, God's glory was revealed in all that he created -
he looked at it all and "behold, it was very good!" (Genesis 1:31).
All creation praised him simply by its existence, and in Him all Creation stood firm (Amen!).
Adam scorned his glory, but God, whose grace is his Glory, Promised a Savior -
who is Christ the Lord.
* The PATRIARCHS, in spite of their human weaknesses, beheld the Glory of God in a Stairway to Heaven,
a faithful Guardian, and a Promise that Salvation would come to the world through the Seed of Abraham -
who is Christ the Lord.
* During the EXODUS AND CONQUEST, in spite of stubbornness, doubt and fear, the people of Israel saw the Glory of God -
through a burning bush, a pillar of cloud and fire, a divided Sea, a quaking mountain,
bread and water in the desert and a tabernacle that housed symbols of his Presence
and breathed a Promise of an even greater experience of "God with us" -
who is Christ the Lord.
* During the Age of the KINGS, though kings and people often deliberately turned from God to worship Self,
and even in times of faith fell short of God's Glory,
they witnessed his Glory in his providential care,
and in the Promise of one would rule the world in righteousness and peace, a Son of David -
who is Christ the Lord.
* The WISDOM literature reminds us that Folly ignores God and his glory,
but when we choose love, mercy and righteousness we walk in the path of Wisdom -
who is Christ the Lord.
* The PROPHETS saw the Glory of God and reminded the people that God would not abandon his Promise -
that he would show his Glory to all who would call upon him -
and that one day he himself would come as King and Judge and Savior -
who is Christ the Lord.
* During the time of the REMNANT, God renewed the Promise and rebuilt the city of Jerusalem and its Temple,
and spoke of a greater Glory that would grace this Temple -
who is Christ the Lord.
* When JESUS came, he brought God's Glory to earth, for in him God was with us.
He reaffirmed the Promise, staking his life on the Glory of his Father and embodying that Glory even to "death on the cross.
As a result, He bears the Name above all Names -
to the Glory of God (Philippians 2:5-11).
* In the Age of the CHURCH, those who put God's glory above their own and trust his Promise
will "with unveiled faces all reflect the Lordís glory, being transformed into his likeness with ever-increasing glory,
which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit" (2 Corinthians 3:18).
* In the NEW CREATION, when all God's Promises -
both for salvation and judgment -
are fulfilled, God's Glory will shine through all his creation,
and our lives will be a continuous Praise to the Great Amen.
* Despite our rejection of him, God continues to reveal his Glory to those who seek him.
We may prove faithless (without Amen!) but he remains faithful (THE Amen) because "he cannot deny" his glory (2 Timothy 2:13).
So may our lives be a daily Praise, reflecting his Glory, being perfect as he is perfect, loving as he has loved us.

New Hope Lutheran Brethren Church, 2007